Our World

Our World consist of 4 pillars; Environment, Charity, Sustainability & Culture.


Atlantic Campaigns and our Safety team police our teams, their equipment and their refuse strictly and without exception. All loose equipment and suppliers that is required as part of the safety and success of an ocean row is inspected and checked thoroughly prior to launch at the race start.

The same equipment is then inspected and checked thoroughly at the race finish to ensure nothing has been thrown overboard or jettisoned during the crossing. Should a team be found in breach of this race rule, they are immediately disqualified. We organise and participate in beach cleans in all destinations ensuring only our footprints are left in our start and finish ports.


Each year our teams select charities from around the world to raise money for. The charities range from health, nature, local projects, global projects or messaging and campaigning.

Since we took over the race in 2012, our teams have raised over €19million.


Over our 10 year race ownership so far we have engaged and worked alongside many partners and suppliers with sustainability and carbon footprint awareness at the core of their brands.. We support local food charities and street kitchens in our finish destinations by ensuring any food not used by our teams is donated to them. Our teams also donate any surplus medical supplies to local charities that deliver lifesaving work and service.


Our start and finish destinations are the DNA of our race and soon become a main part of the experience for our teams as well. We embrace the cultures of Spain, the Caribbean, California and Hawaii, learning from their land culture and their communities whilst ensuring to pay back, deliver and respect the destinations themselves as they so kindly and generously host our races. As race organisers we employ staff from all over the World ensuring we also deliver a multi-cultural, multi lingual & diverse experience for all teams, partners, sponsors and supporters.

Our partners

It is incredibly important to us that the partners we work with reflect the ethos of our races, our participants and our principles as a business. As such this means that by choosing to work alongside our partners, our teams are in turn guaranteed expertise, high quality product and service as well as beneficial rates on purchases. Our partners are dedicated specialists within their field, ensuring that product and knowledge delivery is a step towards success.